Animation - Rashman

Rashman is a short series I co-created with my mate, Adam Leigh. The show follows the random lives of Rashman and his gerbil sidekick, Rashpocket.

"They're the kind of superheros who would rather go to McDonalds for a burger than fight crime", was how someone once clumsily described the series. But then again, we couldn't come up with anything better.

Click on the thumbnails and slam the first five episodes into your retinas right now.

Do you "like" Rashman? Make it official:

Rashman - Splice no. 47
"Take A Wizzle Fo' Sizzle"
Rashman - Splice no. 8221
"Spleisse Scheisse, Where's The Rent"
Rashman - Splice no. -24
"... Mr Knob"
Rashman - Splice no. 665 3/4
Rashman - Splice no. 96
"Hooty's Happiness... What Is It Good For?"