Animation - Mollusks

Mollusks was commissioned by Movie Network Channels in early 2011 on the back of my entry into the inaugural Movie Extra Webfest competition in 2010.

It's a 7 part webseries about 2 molluscy brothers, Ryan & Erik, on the run from their former boss, and syndicate leader, Vinnie the box Jellyfish. The show features some of my favourite Australian comedians, including Bob Franklin, Shaun Micallef & Roz Hammond. Check it out right about here.

Links: (official website)

Mollusks - Episode 1
"Cold Turkey? Aisle 7"
Mollusks - Episode 2
"Maxin', Relapsin'"
Mollusks - Episode 3
"You Say Tentacle, I Say Testicle"
Mollusks - Episode 4
"Darwin's Theory - Turbo Stylez"
Mollusks - Episode 5
"Sprechen Sie Russian?"
Mollusks - Episode 6
"Snookered - Literally And Metaphorically"
Mollusks - Episode 7
"They Saw The Sign And It Opened Up Their Eyes, They Saw The Sign"