This is a selection of animation I've produced over the last few years, including music videos, commercials and short films. Some of this work was completed as part of my university degree at Griffith Film School in Brisbane, Australia.

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Short Series
Wait For Me
Moby Music Video
Derelict Muppets (Loop)
"Hollywood" themed loop for Loop de Loop
It's Not My Problem
Sneaky Sound System Music Video
We Are People People
The People People Music Video
Genital Ice Fishing (Loop)
"GIF" themed loop for Loop de Loop
Hamish And Andy Web
Quick intro / outro for
Hamish And Andy
Animation For "Hamish And Andy Learn India"
Welcome To Fantasy Corn Chip Island
2010 Doritos Commercial
Come & Ride My Cactus Horse
2009 Doritos Commercial
Let Your Ears Decide
Philips Web Commercial
Spoof Infomercial

2009 Showreel